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The Infomed publishing house in Wil, Switzerland is a small medical enterprise that has advocated critical and independent drug information for health specialists for more than two decades. Its first publication, pharma-kritik, first appeared in 1979. Since 1995, its publications have also been accessible on the internet. In order to guarantee complete objectivity of the information, Infomed does not accept any advertising, neither on the internet nor in its print publications. Infomed has no other revenues than those generated from the sale of its products and services.

Etzel Gysling, Dr. med., Dr. h.c. (University of Basel), is a specialist in internal medicine and clinical pharmacology. He spent seven years at the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada, as a professor of pharmacology. After returning to Switzerland in 1977, he established the Infomed publishing house, together with his wife, Verena. Besides his work as an editor and publisher, he shares a medical office with a colleague in Wil, Switzerland.

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